Heins Contracting: Shorewood, WI’s Foremos Home Improvement Partner

In Shorewood, WI, Heins Contracting is renowned for delivering exceptional exterior home improvement solutions.

Roofing Services Shorewood WI

Expertise in Shorewood Roofing

At Heins Contracting, Shorewood homeowners find unrivaled roofing quality and style.

Roofing Craftsmanship for Shorewood’s Landscape

Our tailored roofing solutions in Shorewood, WI, embrace both functionality and local architectural nuances.

  • Asphalt & Cedar Roofing: In Shorewood, we blend GAF shingles’ reliability with cedar’s natural elegance for superior roofing.

  • Resilient Metal Roofing: Catering to Shorewood’s climate, our metal roofing options offer sustainability and robustness.

  • Flat Roof Mastery in Shorewood: We address Shorewood’s specific flat roof needs with our expertly designed systems.

  • Protective Roof Coatings in Shorewood, WI: Our innovative coatings enhance and prolong roof lifespan in Shorewood, WI.

Siding Artistry in Shorewood, WI

Our team brings a new level of beauty and durability to Shorewood homes with comprehensive siding services.

Custom Siding for Every Shorewood Residence

In Shorewood, we craft siding solutions that blend enduring protection with aesthetic finesse.

  • Durable Vinyl Siding: Our vinyl siding selection offers Shorewood homes a perfect mix of style and resilience.

  • Elegant LP Smart Siding: In Shorewood, we adapt LP Smart Siding to each home’s unique aesthetic, ensuring a perfect blend of style and durability.

  • Timeless Cedar Siding: We enhance Shorewood’s homes with the classic beauty of cedar siding.

  • Robust Cement Board Siding: Our cement board siding offers robust, long-lasting protection for Shorewood residences.

A worker installs panels beige siding on the facade
Windows installation worker.

Window Enhancement Services in Shorewood

In Shorewood, we elevate homes with ourpremium window solutions, enhancing both comfort and beauty.

Tailored Window Options for Shorewood Homes

We offer a spectrum of window styles to match the unique character of homes in Shorewood and Shorewood, WI.

  • High-Efficiency Vinyl Windows: We install efficient vinyl windows, perfect for Shorewood’s varied climate.
  • Flawless Window Installations: In Shorewood, our window installation services guarantee perfect integration with home aesthetics.
  • Custom Window Replacements: We provide tailored window replacement services in Shorewood, skillfully upgrading homes to enhance their form and functionality.

Shorewood’s Storm Damage Restoration Authority

We expertly repair and rejuvenate Shorewood homes, restoring them to their original state after storm damage.

All-Inclusive Storm Repair for Shorewood

Our expert team in Shorewood tackles all facets of storm damage, restoring homes to their pre-storm beauty and strength.

  • Structural Repair Services: In Shorewood, we specialize in meticulously repairing storm-damaged structures to ensure safety.

  • Painting Revitalization: Post-storm, we bring a fresh look to Shorewood homes with our professional interior and exterior painting services.

flood consequences and destruction of people's belongings on wet ground
Workman Replacing Guttering On Exterior Of House

Gutter Solutions for Shorewood Residences

Our innovative gutter guards bring peace of mind to homeowners in Shorewood and Shorewood, WI.

Gutter Guard Excellence in Shorewood, WI

In Shorewood, our gutter guard installations combine practicality with durability for optimal functionality.

  • Champion Gutter Guard Installations: We equip Shorewood homes with robust Champion Gutter Guards for lasting gutter protection.

  • Leafblaster® Pro Gutter Guard Efficiency: Integrating Leafblaster® Pro technology, we enhance the performance of Shorewood’s gutters.

Shorewood’s Ice Dam Removal Service

In Shorewood, WI, our professional ice dam removal services protect roofs from winter damage.

Gentle Ice Dam Removal in Shorewood

Our non-invasive approach in Shorewood ensures safe and thorough removal of ice dams, preserving roof integrity.

  • Low-Pressure Steam Techniques: In Shorewood, WI, we apply specialized steam methods for effective and safe ice dam eradication.

White snow on the roof of the house.

Redefining Home Exteriors in Shorewood, WI

For all your exterior home needs in Shorewood and the broader Shorewood, WI area, Heins Contracting stands ready.

Reach out to us in Shorewood for transformative home exterior services.