Heins Contracting: Redefining Home Exteriors in West Allis, WI

In West Allis, WI, Heins Contracting is synonymous with excellence in home exterior renovations and improvements.

Construction worker on renovation roof the house installed new shingles

Roofing Mastery in West Allis

Our roofing expertise in West Allis combines innovation with tradition to protect and beautify homes.

West Allis Roofing Solutions

We provide roofing options in West Allis that perfectly balance aesthetic appeal with functional resilience.

  • Asphalt Shingles & Shake Elegance: In West Allis, we craft enduring and stylish roofs using premium shingles and cedar shakes, tailored for each home’s unique style.

  • Metal Roofing Strength for West Allis: Our metal roofing solutions in West Allis are designed for durability and energy efficiency.

  • Flat Roof Expertise in West Allis: Our specialization in versatile flat roofing systems is designed to suit the diverse building styles found throughout West Allis.

  • Roof Coatings Innovations in West Allis: We apply advanced roof coatings in West Allis to extend the lifespan and enhance the performance of various roofing systems.

Siding Artistry for West Allis Homes

We enhance the beauty and durability of West Allis homes with our high-quality siding services.

Tailored Siding Options for West Allis

Our siding choices in West Allis are crafted to meet the unique style and protection needs of each home.

  • Vinyl Siding Excellence in West Allis: Our vinyl siding options, known for their stylishness and weather resistance, are perfect for enhancing residences across West Allis.

  • LP Smart Siding Craftsmanship in West Allis: We are committed to delivering durable and aesthetically pleasing LP Smart Siding to homes across West Allis.

  • Cedar Siding Charm for West Allis: In West Allis, we provide homes with the timeless appeal of cedar siding, known for its natural beauty and durability.

  • Cement Board Siding Durability in West Allis: Our cement board siding ensures robust, long-lasting protection for properties throughout West Allis.

Handsome young man builder installing exterior wood siding
Service men measuring window for installation indoors

Window Solutions for West Allis Dwellings

Our window services in West Allis focus on enhancing home comfort and visual appeal.

Comprehensive Window Services for West Allis

In West Allis, we offer a variety of window styles to enhance both the functionality and aesthetics of homes.

  • Vinyl Windows for Energy Efficiency in West Allis: Specializing in vinyl windows, we offer energy-efficient solutions tailored to the climatic needs of West Allis homes.

  • Professional Window Installation in West Allis: Our team provides precise and expert window installation services, ensuring a perfect fit for every West Allis residence.

  • Custom Window Replacement in West Allis: We upgrade homes in West Allis with custom window replacement solutions, enhancing both their aesthetic and functional value.

Storm Damage Repair in West Allis

At Heins Contracting we expertly address and repair storm damage to restore and rejuvenate West Allis homes.

Full-Scale Storm Restoration in West Allis

Our skilled team in West Allis is equipped to handle all aspects of storm damage, ensuring homes are safely and beautifully restored.

  • Structural Repair Expertise in West Allis: Our expertise lies in repairing structural damages caused by storms in West Allis, ensuring the safety and integrity of affected homes.
  • Painting Services Post-Storm in West Allis: We offer professional painting services to refresh and rejuvenate the appearance of homes in West Allis affected by storms.
house with roof and top floor destroyed by fire
man installing house roof rain gutter system

Innovative Gutter Protection in West Allis

We ensure West Allis homes stay protected and maintenance-free with our advanced gutter guard installations.

Effective Gutter Solutions for West Allis Residences

Our gutter guards in West Allis offer reliable protection, enhancing home safety and reducing upkeep.

  • Champion Gutter Guards in West Allis: In West Allis, we install durable Champion Gutter Guards, providing long-term debris protection for local homes.

  • Leafblaster® Pro Efficiency in West Allis: Utilizing Leafblaster® Pro gutter guards, we ensure clutter-free and efficient gutters for homes in West Allis.

Ice Dam Removal Expertise for West Allis Roofs

Our team in West Allis skillfully removes ice dams from roofs, protecting their integrity with safe and effective techniques.

Gentle Ice Dam Removal for West Allis Homes

Our non-invasive ice dam removal techniques in West Allis safeguard roofs from winter damage, maintaining structural integrity.

  • Low-Pressure Steam Ice Removal in West Allis: We employ careful steam removal methods to efficiently and safely clear ice dams from roofs in West Allis.

rooftop and hanging icicles

Elevating Home Exteriors in West Allis, WI

Heins Contracting is dedicated to enhancing the charm and functionality of homes in West Allis, WI.

Contact us for exceptional home improvement solutions in West Allis.