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4 Crucial Signs That say “You Need to Replace Your Roof”

4 Crucial Signs That say “You Need to Replace Your Roof”

  1. Roof Leak

    The most obvious sign of needing to replace your roof is a roof leak. If your roof is older than 14 years old and it has a roof leak most contractors will not warrant any repairs done to the roof because of the age.

  2.  The roof looks shiny from the ground

    The common thing when the roof looks shinny is the fiberglass is showing on the shingles. This means a good portion of the shingles granules are missing and what is left is mostly fiberglass. At this point, the roof needs to be replaced soon or you may have major roof leaks.

  3. Blown off shingles

    When your roof is older and shingles keep blowing off it means the sealant is starting to fail. When this happens any wind storm may put your roof at risk of serious leaks. 

  4. Your roof is 15-20 years old

    New Roofing asphalt shingles offer a lifetime warranty. Your older 3 tab shingles only come with a 15-20 year warranty and most of the time

If you are experiencing any one of these issues above please be sure to reach out to Heins Contracting at 608.732.9063

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