7 Metal Roof Benefits for Your Home

Written by Heins Contracting

On September 8, 2020
The modern homeowner has plenty to choose from when it comes to roofing solutions both in terms of design and materials. While asphalt shingles have been a popular choice for roofing material, metal roofs have started to gain popularity among homeowners across the U.S. That’s because of the wide range of metal roof benefits they have to offer.

Roofs serve both an aesthetic and functional purpose. To find the perfect roof for your home, you must have both on lock. Plus, there’s also the tiny issue about the cost of roofing that you can never overlook.

If you can find a roof that checks all these three boxes, then it’s safe to say that you’ve found the perfect roof. If you think a perfect roof doesn’t exist, then wait till you get a load of metal roofs. Read on and find out some of the benefits of having a metal roof over your head.

1. Lovely to Look At

A lovely roof does wonders for your home’s curb appeal. If you want to be the envy of all your neighbors, then a metal roof is just what the doctor ordered. Metal roofs come in a variety of designs and colors for your choice.

Standing seam panels are an attractive option that’s pretty popular with homeowners. However, if you’re more for the classic look, then metal shingles are perfect for you. In terms of colors, your choices are virtually limitless.

However, do your best not to clash or use mismatching colors. Otherwise, you’ll be taking away the roof’s aesthetic value. To help you out, you can use this tool, which matches colors that go together.

2. Durability

Aesthetics aside, metal roofs can last you a good long time. What’s more, these roofs require little maintenance to live out their entire life span. Aside from the usual gutter-cleaning and replacing the screws over time, you don’t have to maintain it.

For your metal roof to last as long as it should, you need to install it correctly. That’s why for your roof installation, you can only settle for the best people for the job. You also need a roof inspection at least once a year to spot and repair any issues with the roof before they worsen.

A good metal roof should last you well over fifty years without needing replacement. That’s why roofing contractors are eager to throw in a warranty with these metal roofs.

3. Fire Resistance

The reason why most fires spread so quickly to other houses is because of wooden roofs. Even a tiny ember that blows onto a neighboring roof with wood shingles is enough to raze down the neighboring house.

With metal roofs, you don’t have to worry about this happening because the roof can’t catch fire in the first place. This makes them ideal for homes in wildfire-prone areas. In some areas having these fire-resistant metal roofs is a requirement.

4. They Are Energy Efficient

You should consider a metal roof if you want to cut down your monthly energy bill. In fact, the insulated variants are a great supplement to your HVAC. That’s because they help keep your home cool during summer and warm during winter.

That means your AC uses less energy to keep your home warm or cool. In the long run, you’ll have saved yourself a bundle in energy costs because of your metal roof. Reflective coatings are an excellent choice if you want to make the roof more energy efficient.

The metal roof also makes a great platform for energy installations like solar panels or small turbines. These installations further drive down your energy costs quite significantly. Plus, you’ll be doing the environment a huge favor.

5. Damage Resistance

Aside from being fire resistant, metal roofs can also resist damage from high-impact forces. Hail, falling branches, and even falling trees have little to no impact on these roofs. Of course, it depends on the type of metal roof that you settle for.

Low-quality metal roofs don’t hold up quite well against falling branches and trees. However, if you get a high-quality roof, then you get all the damage-resistance you need in a roof.

This damage resistance doesn’t deteriorate with time as with other types of roofs. That’s because moisture rot from rain or ice is non-existent with these roofs. The only thing you have to worry about is snow slide-offs.

Fortunately, inexpensive heat cables are a once-and-for-all fix to this problem. You can also use slide diverters to mitigate the same problem.

6. The Finishes Are Stunning

The right finishing from your roof has more than just a visual impact. It also dramatically increases your home’s value and protects your roof. Furthermore, the right roof finishing can also decrease your environmental footprint.

A metal roof has the right surface to accommodate all types of finishes. That’s why there’s such a wide array of color choices with these roofs. If you want a roof that matches your home’s exterior, then a metal roof is the way to go.

7. Environmentally Friendly

A metal roof is ideal for the environmentally-conscious homeowner. That’s because metal roofs are environmentally friendly in the following ways:

  • They are 100% recyclable
  • Cuts energy costs by a significant margin
  • Way smaller carbon footprint than wooden shingles
  • Light-weight which minimizes transportation costs and fuel consumption
  • Completely no out-gassing
  • Sustainable in the long run

With so many environmental benefits, you’ll be doing the environment a huge solid by getting a metal roof. Unfortunately, you can’t say the same about roofs with wooden shingles.

Types to Metal Roofs You Should Consider

Metals roofs are great roofs for your home, plus there are so many types to choose from. If you’re in the market for a metal roof, here are a couple of types you should consider:

Standing Seam Roofs

The name standing seam comes from the raised connection between the two metal plates that look like a standing seam. The standing seams run vertically and are formed by folding the edges between two adjacent panels.

They are a popular option among many homeowners for a variety of reasons. First, they require little maintenance and are pretty durable. Secondly, they have incredible aesthetic appeal and will look incredible on just about any home. Lastly, they are weather-tight and resistant to strong winds as well as fire.

You have at least three standing seam options for your consideration.

Non-structural panel– consists of two sections, a flat panel and a seam or batten. Non-structural panels are also available in tapered or curved variants.

Mechanically seamed in field– These are standing seam roofs that are seamed on-site. They allow for standing seam roofs of greater heights.

Continuous seam– These roofs use an integral seam. Meaning the seam from one-panel snaps in place with the next panel and is ten fastened with clips.

Metal Shingle Roofs

Metal shingle roofs come in a variety of designs to match your specific taste. They consist of interlocking metal shingles that are made from various materials. Most homeowners, however, prefer aluminum and galvanized steel shingles, although you can also find zinc and copper shingles.

Unlike wooden shingles, metal shingles can last well over forty plus years without needing replacement. They are also among the more affordable metal roofing options. Depending on the material you choose, your metal roof can be incredibly impact-resistant.

AG Steel Roofs

Steel is a strong metal alloy that consists of iron, carbon, and other elements. Steel has been a staple for the construction industry, and not just for roofs. You’ll also find steel reinforcements, railings, and baseplates, among other elements.

AG steel roofs are an inexpensive, low profile roofing option for all house models. They cost significantly less than other metals and are also very flexible. Aesthetic-wise, they take on a variety of shapes and designs to match your taste.

AG steel is an all-weather roofing solution. Its strength gives it the ability to withstand the harshest of weather conditions. Steel is also highly recyclable; in fact, most of the steel we see today is recycled steel.

Apart from these types of steel roofs, you can also settle for zinc or tin roofs. Just make sure you do your homework before settling on a metal roof for your home.

Metal Roof Benefits Makes Them a Great Choice for Your Roofing Needs

Hopefully, these metal roof benefits have you convinced that you should get a metal roof for your new house or a replacement for your current house. All you need to do now is find the right roofing contractor and pick out a good design for your metal roof.

The only way you’ll regret getting a metal roof is if you get the wrong contractor to do the job.  For your metal roof installation, you need nothing less than the best. Contact us today for professional and expedient roofing installation, repairs, and maintenance.

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