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Everlast siding. Is it the siding of the future?

Everlast Siding

Have you thought about residing your house and not sure which siding to choose by all the options out there now. There all all different kinds of colors, textures and looks from the siding made currently.

Everlast has been around for a number of years but is getting to catch some attention with the maintenance free aspect of the siding. Many siding brands claim to be lifetime siding but fail to mention that the caulking used at every connection point and around windows will not last forever. The caulking needs to be inspected and potentially redone every 10-15 years. Without inspecting it can lead to serious structural issues of the building just not associated to the siding. Decay can happy without anyone noticing it until it becomes a huge problem costing thousands of dollars.  Not saying they aren’t good products but they aren’t your truly lifetime product if you aren’t looking to spend anymore money on it in the future.

Everlast siding has a built in j channel for its corners, window trim and Eve trim. This allows for the ends to be hidden and no caulking needed. This also allows for water to flow causing no issues of trapped moisture. They require drainable house wrap will assists in getting any unwanted moisture that gets behind the siding out.

Everlast siding has a number of color options to choose from making it pretty easy. Also if you ever did want to change the color, it can be painted.

So next time when thinking about upgrading your siding so you never have to do it again, look into Everlast your true lifetime siding.

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