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Dealing with a Hail Damaged Roof: What You Need to Know

hail damaged roof

The largest hailstone in the history of the United States was recorded in the year 2010, which weighed a staggering 1.87lbs. With an estimated diameter of around 18.62 inches, such a hailstone can easily tear into the sturdiest of roofs. While most hailstones may weigh less than half a kg, a hailstorm can easily damage your roof, depending on the velocity.

As a Madison resident, you might be wondering what the consequences of hail damage can be. Well, if repairs aren’t immediate, your roof can become a ticking time bomb.

Read on to learn more about hail damaged roofs. 

Why You Shouldn’t Ignore a Hail Damaged Roof

Most times, it’s easy to detect a hail damaged roof because of the leaks that are apparent over time. While the effect on your roof is gradual, finding a roof repairer sooner can ensure that you avoid dealing with more substantial damages. Hailstones can knock off the protective granule coating around the roof shingles, which may pose a precarious safety concern to your family.

On top of posing obvious safety concerns, a hail damaged roof can also cost you additional repair costs. But how do you know that hail is destroying your roof?

Signs That Hail Has Damaged Your Roof

Apart from leaking roofs that are easy to detect, there are other signs that can serve as a repair notice. Black hail hits can be an indicator of impending trouble on your roof. Most asphalt and composition shingles tend to lose granules, which may expose the roof to further damage. 

If you notice impact marks along the splits on your roof or notable dents, then your Madison house could have taken a hail hit and may require urgent intervention. Another common indicator of hail damaged roofs is notable ruptures in the shingles. Such splits may have sharp corners and edges and may have a brown or orange color. 

Sometimes, it may be hard to notice some of these damages to the roof with your naked eyes. In such cases, you may need an expert to undertake inspection from the ground up. 

You can contact experts in roofing repairs within Madison who may use drones to ensure that there’s a comprehensive report on the state of your roof. Heins Contracting is your trusted roofing service provider during the inspection process. 

What to Do Once You Discover That Your Roof Has Hail Damage

Once the roof inspections are over, and you’re sure about the extent of damage, the next step should be to call in a roof repair contractor. Heins Contracting company has a reputable history of satisfactory roofing service delivery that spans over a decade. 

The good thing about hail damaged roofs is that repairs are possible if you discover the damages early enough. Installation of a new roof may also be an option when the extent of damage is likely to cause safety concerns. 

Your Hail Damaged Roof May Be a Disaster in Waiting  

Hail damaged roofs are a common occurrence in Madison. As soon as you suspect that your roof may have taken a hit, it may be critical to consider immediate repairs. The cost and interventions necessary for a hail damaged roof may vary depending on the extent of the damage.  

Are you looking for a seasoned roof repair contractor? Please contact Heins Contracting for the best services.

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