How to Tell If You Need a New Roof:11 Warning Signs

Written by Heins Contracting

On September 8, 2020

According to the latest residential vacancies and homeownership report, the homeownership rates in the United States currently stands at 65.3%. While the supply of new homes has been on a free-fall in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, renovations of old houses are still in demand. Roof replacement and repairs currently top the list of home renovation needs.

A typical roof can serve you for at least 20 years. But depending on the materials used, a roof can last for as long as 50 years. Are you wondering how to tell if you need a new roof?

Even the best roofs eventually succumb to the extremes of weather. Knowing when to replace a roof can save you from the long-term cost implications caused by procrastination. Here are signs you need a new roof.

1. Your Roof Is Old

A good roof can serve you for longer than two decades. However, unlike wine that gets better with age, your roof starts to show subtle run-down signs with time.

Are you wondering how to tell if you need a new roof? You could start by counting the number of years since your roof’s first installation. If your roof is approaching or is past the second decade, it would be time to consider preparing for replacement.

Your roof may not show clear signs of damages yet, either way, it was not raining when Noah built the famous ark.

2. There Are Missing Shingles

Shingles are an essential component of any roof. These parts aren’t only vital in supporting your roof’s sturdiness but also the aesthetic value. Nonetheless, these shingles may begin to fall off over time due to high winds or age.

Missing shingles are an indicator that it may be time to consider a new roof. Nonetheless, it may not be possible to notice such missing shingles without expert interventions. It’s advisable to consider comprehensive inspection by a professional roof installer to ensure that you replace your roof early enough.

3. Signs of Water Leaks Inside Your Home

Nearly 5 percent of American homeowners incur the cost of roof replacement every year. A leaking roof is among the surest signs that your roof requires urgent replacement. If you notice signs of leaks in parts of your home or attic, it might be time to consider a new roof.

Most times, the wet or dark stains on the interior of your roof’s attic confirm that your roof is on its deathbed. The best time to make this observation is shortly after a rainy season. While you could consider urgent repairs to prevent further damage, the best solution to a leaking roof is to plan for an overhaul.

4. Curling Shingles

The other indicator that your roof may be approaching the end of its life is the instances of curling and buckling over time. If you live in an area where direct sunlight is a common concern, then curling shingles shouldn’t come as a surprise over time.

As the roof eventually gives in to the constant extremities of sunlight, your shingles begin to lose granules around the edges. This is never a good sign. Curling or buckling of shingles confirms that your roof is past the anticipated life expectancy.

It would help to call in a seasoned team from a reliable roof company to help you with the final determination. The worst mistake you would make is to consider repairs as a short-term solution, only to end up in a worse off situation. Roof replacement is a delicate process that requires professional advice and intervention.

5. Daylight Through the Roof Shingles

Are you wondering how to tell if you need a new roof? You can take up a simple test during the day. Go up to your attic where you can see the underside of your roof.

If you notice daylight beams through the roof boards, it might be time to call in the experts. Light beams streaming right through the roof could be an indication of missing shingles. It would help to consider expert advice on whether to replace it immediately.

In most cases, such beaming light is a sure indication of a run-down roof. Immediate interventions in such cases should include a roof overhaul.

6. Notable Granules in Your Driveway or downspouts

One of the easiest ways to discover the earliest signs of roof exhaustion is the presence of granules along your driveway. Gutters can be a perfect indicator that your roof needs replacement soon. Such granules will eventually find their way through the channels and down to your yard or driveway.

If you’re a homeowner, you should never ignore granules along the driveway. Such particles are an indicator that your roof has grown weak over time. Overhauling the entire roof is better than seeking a band-aid solution.

Reputation is king when deciding on a reliable roofing company. You can call in our team of seasoned roofing experts to start on a roof replacement process.

7. Leaks Around Chimney Flashing

Roof flashing refers to the thick material that helps direct water from specific areas of the roof. This flashing component helps keep water from getting underneath your shingles. If the flashing falls off, eventually, the most probable reason could be damaged granules, which hold the chimney flashing in place.

The easiest way to notice apparent damages to your roof is to assess the chimney flashing for signs of leaks. It may not be cost-effective to consider replacing the flashing without overhauling the roof. If you notice apparent signs of leaks around the chimney flashing, it’s an indicator that you need a new roof.

Nails don’t always go back in the original holes when replacing flashing. For this reason, you would be safer taking up a complete overhaul of the entire roof. This minimizes the risk of future leaks.

8. Roof Valley

Roof valleys may also come about due to the recurrence of heavy rainwater or snow. If you’re wondering how to tell if you need a new roof, then a widening roof valley should be the surest tell-tale sign.

Most homeowners assume that repairing a roof valley is the best solution. However, the truth is that your roof begins to grow weak with age. As such, if you notice the gradual emergence of roof valleys, it may be an indicator that you might witness many more with time.

When dealing with a roof valley, the best thing would be to consider immediate replacement of the entire roof. You can call in our seasoned experts to lay the groundwork on how to replace your roof. The more you delay replacing such a roof, the higher the chances of an entirely uneven roof, which would pose a significant safety concern.

9.  Shoddy Workmanship

The number of roofers in the United States currently stands at around 166,600. However, not every roofer you hire to complete the roofing process has the qualifications that guarantee impeccable workmanship. If your roof is complete, but it reeks of shoddy workmanship, it may be time to consider an urgent replacement.

At Explosion Roofing, our team is the epitome of perfection when it comes to flawless workmanship.

These Tell-Tale Signs Expound on How to Tell If You Need a New Roof

Your roof is an essential component of the home. Apart from the safety aspect, your roof also introduces that critical aesthetic factor in your home. However, due to age, weather elements, or poor workmanship, the roof may begin to show tell-tale signs of wear and tear.

Have you been wondering how to tell if you need a new roof? You only need to call in our team of experts when such signs emerge. With our years of experience, we can advise you on the best action to take to ensure your safety and comfort.

If you are looking for a seasoned roofing company near you, look no further. You can contact us today for the best advice and service.

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