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How Residential Siding Increases the Value of a Home

Residential Siding

If you’re looking for ways to boost the value of your home, curb appeal is a great place to start.

Working on exterior improvements can increase interest in your home and make it look more appealing to potential buyers.

One way to increase your home’s value is by adding residential siding, so read on to learn more about how this home improvement project can give you more return on your investment.

A Fresh, Clean Look

If your home is older, it probably needs a bit of a facelift before you put it on the market. Older homes may have some unsightly problems like cracked bricks, mold, or faded siding that needs to be updated.

With new residential siding, your home will look beautiful, clean, and modern. Today’s siding comes in a wide range of colors so you can easily match it with your front door, shutters, and the rest of the homes in your neighborhood if you choose.

When selling your home, you’ll likely take plenty of photographs of the outside before you list it online. New siding will help make your home’s photos look beautiful, and your home will look inviting for buyers who are interested in learning more.

Overall, updating or adding siding will add beauty and a clean, colorful component to your home that helps it look brand-new. Make sure you choose residential siding that offers the aesthetics and durability you need. Vinyl siding is an affordable choice that will instantly give your home an updated look.

Installing new windows or adding a new roof are both great ways to increase property value, too. However, none of these things have the same impact as adding brand-new siding to the home will.

A beautiful exterior can mean the difference between people making an offer or buyers moving on to the next home. If your home’s curb appeal is lacking, consider this improvement to boost your resale value.

Residential Siding Protects Your Home

In addition to the way your home looks, siding is also a smart choice to add exterior cladding to your property. Vinyl siding is durable and UV-protected to keep the colors fresh and vibrant without fading as time goes on.

Another bonus to siding is that it’s completely impervious to water damage so you won’t have to worry about rain and other precipitation affecting the integrity of your home. Once the siding is installed, you don’t need to paint it, caulk it, or worry about it absorbing excess moisture.

Most new siding brands can also handle high winds, too. Depending on the manufacturer, residential siding can withstand wind speeds of up to 110 mph, which is especially helpful if you live in an area prone to hurricanes or tornadoes.

If you’re wondering how siding can boost resale value, don’t forget the energy-saving properties of this material, too. Insulated vinyl siding has a foam core attached to the back that helps to keep your home insulated and energy-efficient. If you choose this type of siding, you’ll get lower energy bills, a more comfortable home, and a more durable product.


Another great product for your home is LP smart siding, which adds even more value to your home. This residential siding is made from small pieces of wood that are attached together using a special resin compound for enhanced durability.

Smart siding is a beautiful way to add a gorgeous look to your home, but it’s also extremely low maintenance and surprisingly durable. This siding product will instantly bring more value to your home thanks to its versatility and long-lasting properties.

Whichever type of siding you choose, it’s a smart way to protect your property, make it better insulated, and give it more value for buyers. New developments in siding offer much more to consumers in terms of color choice, style, and insulation.

Affordable and Easy to Care For

Whether you’re planning to sell your home or you’re just looking for an upgrade, residential siding is a budget-friendly choice. Other products like stone or stucco can cost significantly more.

If you’re getting new siding for the purposes of selling your home, most buyers include this product as part of their must-haves when shopping for a new house. Take a look at the siding you have and if it’s warped, cracked, or showing signs of discoloration, it’s certainly worth the investment to replace it.

When you look for a siding product, choose one that has UV-resistant properties to keep it from fading. The vinyl siding of the past used to fade, but today’s modern products are much more resistant to sunlight and inclement weather.

Smart siding typically costs more than vinyl, but it’s still a budget-friendly option compared to other materials. This siding will lend a clean, modern look to your home and it’s extremely easy to maintain.

Today’s buyers want products for the home that is low maintenance, and siding is a perfect choice. With just the occasional hose-down, your siding will look clean and new for many years to come.

Say Yes to Siding

From selling your home to making it look fresh and new again, residential siding is a wise way to boost the value of your property. This investment won’t just add beauty to your home – it will also protect it from damage and help with insulation.

If you’re ready to add new siding to your list of home upgrades, be sure to visit our website and contact us today to learn how we can help make your home beautiful.

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