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The Many Benefits Of LP Smart Siding

New home with vinyl siding gut

Replacing your siding is a wonderful opportunity to boost your home’s curb appeal. You’ll have the opportunity to pick the exterior style, materials, and colors you want for your home. You finally have a good reason to make your home look exactly the way you want!

The most challenging part is finding the right type of siding for your home. There are so many siding options available many home and business owners feel overwhelmed.

LP Smart Siding is a wonderful siding product designed to be great-looking and long-lasting. It offers superior protection to the elements compared to other siding types.

Are you ready to add beautiful and worry-free siding to your home? Check out these many fantastic benefits of LP Smart Siding.

What Exactly is LP Smart Siding?

Made of engineered wood, LP Smart Siding is a durable, long-lasting siding option great for homes and businesses alike. What makes this siding so different from the competition is how well it protects your home and resists the elements.

LP Smart Siding is a mix of wood fibers treated with waxes, resin binders, and zinc borate. A resin-saturated covering seals the treated wood making it resistant to water and moisture.

What’s truly impressive about LP Smart Siding is it looks and feels just like real wood. The only difference is it will last longer and requires less maintenance than traditional wood siding.

Wood offers a classic timeless look that’s both warm and inviting. It works well on businesses and homes alike. With LP Smart Siding, you can enjoy all the great benefits of wood without the worry or hassle of traditional wood.

The Pros of LP Smart Siding

The biggest advantage of LP Smart Siding is its durability and its classic wood appearance. But it sports many more advantages than just great looks and durability.

Still not convinced LP Smart Siding is for you? These great benefits may change your mind!

Impressive Warranty

LP Smart Siding offers homeowners and building owners a comprehensive warranty. You’ll receive 100% protection for the first 5 years after the siding installation. This protects you from any defects and damage, including hail damage.

The warranty also includes a 50-year portion which protects you from defects should any arise. The catch with this warranty is it doesn’t apply to all homeowners. You’ll need to discuss warranty options with your siding installer to learn more.


If you want a traditional look at an affordable value, LP Smart Siding is the perfect option for your home or business. Engineered wood such as LP siding can save you money compared to traditional wood.

Engineered wood costs anywhere from $3.50-$8.58 per square foot. Traditional wood siding can cost between $8-$12 or more per square foot. Plus, traditional siding requires more maintenance and intensive installation.

The final costs depend on your location and the siding installation service you choose. Hiring a professional will ensure your siding looks and functions exactly as intended.

It’s Good for the Environment 

Many LP Smart Siding companies use renewable resources to manufacture their products. Wood, for example, can be a renewable resource if properly managed.

Many companies are a part of the nonprofit Sustainable Forestry Initiative or SFI. The SFI is an origination that believes in spreading sustainable forestry practices. They partner with organizations and businesses to make their mission a reality.

Long-Lasting Performance

Do you know why LP siding products have such an impressive long-lasting performance? The zinc borate overlay protects the wood fibers, resin, and wax compounds. The zinc borate and resin overlays prevent moisture, mildew, fungi, and other common issues from penetrating the siding material.

This level of performance is perfect for anyone living in a climate that experiences humidity, all 4 seasons, and constantly changing weather patterns. Regardless of the weather, your new LP Smart Siding will continue to look great for years and years.

Variety of Colors & Textures

The challenge many home and building owners face is the limiting selection of engineered siding materials. Many companies offer 2-3 different styles and only a few colors. There’s a good chance the limited selection won’t jive with your tastes.

LP Smart Siding breaks this stereotype by offering dozens of different colors and styles for you to enjoy. All LP siding features deep wood grain patterns some of which mimic the rustic appearance of wood found on log-cabin homes.

A few styles you can find include:

  • Lap siding
  • Trim
  • Panel siding
  • Vertical siding
  • Shakes and Shingles

With LP siding, you’ll have an easier time finding a timeless siding style you’ll love. You can find siding styles for Cape Cod, contemporary, farmhouse, and even Tudor styled homes! There are also several LP siding styles designed for barns, sheds, and many other outdoor structures.

Impact Resistant

Do you have young children who enjoy playing sports or live in an area known for harsh winds and occasional hail? LP siding offers superior impact resistance. The siding can withstand immense force without breaking or denting.

Take note that LP Smart Siding can’t resist every impact. But the occasional wayward ball and average-size hail shouldn’t affect your new siding. You, your family, and/or your business will love the high-quality craftsmanship and durability this type of siding provides.

Adds Structural Support to Your Home or Office

LP Smart Siding gives a level of structural integrity other siding options can’t or don’t offer. This means you can attach gutter guards and other house exterior fixtures directly to the siding. Other engineered siding options, like cement board, don’t have this level of structural support.

LP Smart Siding has a few health benefits. It’s safe to cut and drill into as it doesn’t produce any silica dust and significantly less dust than other engineered or wood siding.

LP Smart Siding Installation is Fast and Easy

An intensive and time-consuming installation process can rack up your siding costs. Fortunately, you can keep these costs low with LP Smart Siding. It uses a smart siding design featuring locking clips which make installing it easier and faster than any other type of siding.

The siding itself is much lighter than traditional wood and other siding materials. LP Siding planks come in longer sizes up to 16 feet. Longer boards result in fewer seams in your new siding.

Easy to Maintain

Wood has a habit of expanding and contracting with the changing of the seasons. Without a proper protective coating, moisture, mildew, and insects can start to wear down your traditional wood siding. You’ll have to constantly check and maintain your siding if you want it to last for years.

Unfortunately, not all home and building owners have the time or energy to do this.

LP Siding is a great alternative because it requires significantly less maintenance. That’s not to say you can install it and forget it as some maintenance is necessary. Regular cleaning is all you need to do preserve this sidings’ beautiful appearance.

The Cons of LP Smart Siding

The LP Smart Siding pros definitely outweigh the cons. It never hurts, however, to be aware of the drawbacks. Here are a few items you should consider before you make the jump to LP Smart Siding.

Engineered Wood is Not Fire-Resistant

LP Smart Siding consists of a large amount of organic material. This is what gives the siding such a realistic and rustic wood look. The downside is this type of engineered wood isn’t fire-proof making it more vulnerable to fires than other synthetic sidings.

It is, however, slightly more fire-resistant than traditional wood siding and has a fire rating of 1-hour. If fire-resistance is a major concern for you, you may want to consider other siding options.

Coatings Can Flake

The top coating added to the LP Siding protects your siding from the elements. If the finisher doesn’t apply this coat correctly, it can chip and flake. This will cause your siding to become susceptible to moisture, termite, UV, and other damage.

The good news is fixing this problem is relatively easy. You can repaint or re-stain the siding to improve protection.

Not Everyone Qualifies for the Warranty

As mentioned above, not every home or building owner qualifies for the full LP Siding warranty. Many areas in the West and Pacific Northwest are not eligible for the full warranty. These areas include Alaska, Hawaii, Northern California, and parts of Washington, Oregon, and British Columbia.

The reason for this is the high levels of humidity and rain these areas experience. While LP Siding is extremely durable, the manufacturers find it isn’t as effective in those areas. You’ll want to explore other options if you live in those humid rainy locations.

Improve Your Exterior with LP Smart Siding!

Whether your home, business, or another outdoor structure needs new siding, LP Smart Siding has the styles, colors, and durability you want from your siding. Not only will your home or building look amazing, but the siding will also last for years with minimal maintenance.

Are you ready to replace your siding? Let us know! We’ll help you find the perfect siding styles and colors to fit your home or business.

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