How to Save For Roof Repairs in Madison, Wisconsin

Written by Heins Contracting

On November 19, 2020

When you purchase a home, you expect some repairs over time. You’ll eventually need a new furnace or make roof repairs. Roof repair, whether it’s something minor such as patching an area of loose tiles or putting on a new roof, can be expensive. You want to save as much money as possible, but how?

We created this guide to help you discover ways to save money without sacrificing quality. You want the job to be done quickly, professionally, and as inexpensive as possible. You’ll be surprised how you can save money on your repair.

Can I Do My Own Roof Repairs?

One of the easiest ways to save money is to do the roof repairs yourself. If you have experience in roof repair, gutters, and other areas, then you can do it yourself.

You’ll still have to pay for materials, but you don’t have to pay for labor. Depending on the repair, it may be too much for one person. You can ask friends to help and get several people involved. This should reduce the time considerably.

You also don’t have to pay them with money. Friends would be happy to help and you can exchange a home-cooked dinner or outdoor barbecue in exchange for their hard labor.

The biggest downside is you don’t have the assurances or expertise of professional roofers. If you don’t do the repair right, then you could end up with the same problem or something worse a little down the line.

Only do roof repairs yourself if you have extensive experience in the process. It could cost you more if you need to hire professionals to come in and fix your mistake.

Get a Free Inspection

Before choosing a roofing company, call a couple and have them come over to do an inspection on your roof. It’s possible what you see is only one part of a larger repair. They’ll come to your home and inspect your roof for free and provide you with an estimate for fixing it.

Watch how they do the inspection and make sure they do a thorough job. The inspection is where they decide what the problem is and how much it will cost to fix it. You don’t want them to start the job and suddenly come back with more repairs they find.

This is a good reason to call several roofing companies and have them look at the roof. If they all come back with the same issues, then you know what the problem is. You’ll also get several estimates and you can compare what each company does.

The estimate should not only cover the cost of the overall work but also what work is entailed. It’s possible that one company that charges more does more than the others. It’s a good way for your to compare the prices, work, and the companies.

Choose a Company That’s Licensed and Insured

We all want to save money, but not at the expense of quality. Many roofers may come to your door and offer to work on your roof for a very inexpensive price. It may seem like a good deal, but if they aren’t licensed and insured, then there is no way to guarantee their work.

If they end up damaging the roof or making the problem worse, you don’t have much leverage. A professional is insured, so if anything goes wrong the insurance will cover the cost. A license also proves they have the qualifications to properly make repairs and install a roof. They also cover any injuries that occur to their workers while working on your home.

You might get the job for cheap if you choose someone without a license, but you could end up hiring a professional anyway to repair the job the other roofing company did. It’ll end up costing you double or more.

Don’t take a chance and instead choose a proper roofer from the beginning and save yourself the trouble, hassle, and money.

Check Online Reviews of Roofing Companies

Saving money often comes down to choosing the right company. Dishonest companies can cut corners and cost you more money in the long run. You can check several online resources including Yelp and Google My Business to see what other customers think of the company.

Online reviews provide you real experiences from customers both good and bad. If the company has many bad reviews because of their work, billing practices, etc., then it’s better to choose a different company.

Understand What the Inspection Entails

If you’re getting a roofing inspection, Madison, Wi, or anywhere else, then it’s good to know what an inspection covers. Does it cover just the problem area you were worried about or the whole roof? Does it include siding and gutter problems as well?

This can have an impact on the overall estimate and the work they do on your roof. Ask them in detail what was done on the inspection before they do it. Once it’s over, make sure the comment on each area they discussed.

It might be less expensive to bundle several repairs together at one time, then do each one individually over time.

What Options Do They Offer?

If you are like most homes, you likely have asphalt roofing, but the days of boring black roofing tiles are over. There are now several types of new tile types to choose from and colors. The cost of installing these new types of tiles is different, so they should include it in the estimate.

You could end up saving money over time by choosing more durable tiles or feel better about how your house looks with a complementing tile color.

Save Money on Your Roofing

Roof repairs are a big investment and even small jobs can cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Use these tips to save money and get the most professional and reliable job.

If you’re interested in a free estimate, then please contact us today.

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